Organ Project, New sounds in St. Peter


St Peter's Church in the heart of Malmö will receive a new choir organ until 2018. The entire organ project operates under the name "Nya toner i S: t Petri" (New Sounds in St. Petri). It includes
  • the thorough renovation of the Marcussen organ from 1951 in the case of Olof Schwan, 1797, on the west gallery; this work is carried out by Th. Frobenius og Sønner of Kongens Lyngby / Denmark;
  • complete electrification of the gallery organ, carried out by A. Mårtenssons Orgelfabrik A.B. of Lund / Sweden
  • Restoration of Fernwerk (Southwest corner of the crossing and Chorwerk (behind the altar), both parts of the Walcker organ from 1914, executed by Mårtensson;
  • addition of a wide-scaled flue 32' and a rank of horizontal Chamade pipes in the window niches on either side of the gallery organ (Klais)
  • Construction of a new choir organ on the ground floor in the northeastern bay of the crossing (Klais);
  • construction of a mobile general console in the chancel (also Klais).

The overall composition is thus to be the largest organ system in Scandinavia. The driving force behind the project is Carl Adam Landström, organist at St. Peter, known concert soloist and innovative improviser.

Developed in collaboration with Carl Adam Landström and Hans Ola Ericson as consultant the concept of the choir organ is far from the traditional structure of an organ. Rather, the entire pipework should be considered as a sound pool that can be fully managed by the Generale Console. So each sound can be assigned to each of the seven keyboards of the new console. Besides a wide range of warm foundation stops almost all harmonics within the octave will be individually available. Thus sounds can be assembled which are hitherto unheard of.


In order to control such a complex system, the new General Console will forgo traditional registry switches. The stop control is completely managed by two large touchscreens.