8, St Peter, Malmö Grand Final J S Bach complete works


5, St Peter, Malmö, Duruflé Requiem

October 2017 

29, Trelleborg, Luther 500 years. Johan Falkman

8, VisbyCathedral, inauguration of the replica made by Grönlund Organbuilder

September 2017

22, Malmo Chamber Music Festival. Detto I, Sofia Gobaidolina with Colin Currie, percussion

August 2017

30, Kongsberg International Organ Summer, Norway

July 2017

27, Trelleborg, Sweden

1, Lund Cathedral, Sweden

June 2017

8 , Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg Germany

9, Amsterdam, Orgelpark(speech)

May 2017

20, Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm, Sweden

January 2016

26-31  Gloger Festspillene, Norway

February 2016
Mars 2016

6, Poulenc Organ Concerto in S:t Peter Church, Malmo, Sweden
    Alexander Einarsson, conductor and Orchestra from Malmo Opera and Malmo Symphony    Orchestra

18, AfterWork-concert with music from movies in S:t Peter Church, Malmo, Sweden

23, Organ Recital, Motala, Sweden

April 2016

1, AfterWork-concert, S:t Peter church, Malmo, Sweden

23, Organ and Petri Sangare, Holmens Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

24, Organ and Petri Sangare, Allhelgona Church Church, Lund, Sweden

May 2016

5-8, Tour Helsinki, Finland

13, AfterWork-concert, S:t Peter church, Malmo, Sweden

June 2016

2-4, Orgelpark Amsterdam, Netherlands

9, Recital with Chorus Pictor and Ewa Sassner, Stockholm, Sweden

6, Recital together with Hans-Ola Ericsson, St.Peter, Malmo, Sweden

10-12, Organ Festival, Cesena, Italy

July 2016

7, Recital, Svarttorp, Sweden

9, Recital Lund Cathedral, Sweden

14, Recital Linkoping Cathedral, Sweden

August 2016

September 2016

23, Malmo Chamber Music Festival, St. Peter, Malmo, Sweden

Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir, Baiba Skride, Stefan Dohr and Carl Adam Landström
Music by Broström, Satie, Bach, Gruber and Brahms

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

(Older Schedule)

January 2014

1 January Stockholm Townhall, New Years Recital.

16 January Swedish Club, Paris. Monica Z recital with Sofia Nilsson

24 January Stockholm Concert HallÖvriga&ItemId=1319&Person=Carl%2bAdam%2bLandström&ConcertId=62602&Konsert=Orgelmatiné+med+Carl+Adam+Landström

February 2014

7 February, S:t Petri church, Malmö
"Trosbeviset-Piéta" Organ, Dance and Poetry.

March 2014

2 March Organ Recital, Sundbyberg, Sweden

16 March Organ and Choir concert together with Göran Persson, Snöstorp, Sweden

30 March Organ and Choir concert Swedish Church, Paris, France

April 2014

4, April. S:t Petri church, Malmö
Musical's on Organ
Mathias Heedegaard, musical singer

21-27 RecitalTour, Quito, Ecuador

May 2014

9 May, Recital S:t Petri church, Malmö.
Malena Ernman, mezzo soprano, Alexander Einarsson, conductor

June 2014

11 June, Choir and Organ Recital, Madesjö
Kalle Enquist, conductor

25-28 June, Masterclass Improviastion, Bergen, Norway

26 June, Organ Recital, Bergen Domkirke, Norway

July 2014

5 July, Lund Cathedral, Organ Festival

15 July, Trelleborg, Musicalmusic on Organ together with Mathias Heedegard and Teresia Bokor

August 2014

13 August Organ Recital, Karlstad Cathedral, Sweden

27 August Organ Recital, Holmens Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2014

27 September  Organ Recital, Jonkoping, Sofia Church, Sweden

October 2014

21 October Organ Recital, Vollsjo, Sweden

24 Ocotber Organ and Choir concert, Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden

26 October Mozart Requiem ,Uppsala Vokalensemble, Uppsala, Sweden

November 2014

2 November, Fauré Requiem, Petri Sångare and Dan-Olof Stenlund, conductor, Malmo, Sweden

9-12 November, Tour Istanbul, Mattias Enn

December 2014

5 december, Organ Recital, St. Peter, Malmo, Sweden

December 2013

22 December, Christmas Concert, S:t Petri, Malmo, Sweden

29 December, Choir and Organrecital Together with Christianstad Motett Choir.
Lena Ekman Frisk, conductor

November 2013

7 November, Masterclass, Malmö, Sweden

10 November, Romantic Organ Music, Birkeroed, Denmark

21 November, Evensong, Mats Nilsson Conductor, Maria Magdalena Church, Stockholm

24 November Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm

29 November S:t Petri Church, Organ and Piano Recital with Professor Hans Pålsson

October 2013

Tour in Australia

17 October, St Andrew's Cathedral

27 October, Recital, Förslöv, Sweden

 August 2013

16-18 August, Organ Festival, Visby Cathedral, Sweden

19-21 August, Recording, Symphony No. 3 "Organ Symphony" , Malmö Symphony Orchestra,
Conductor Marc Soustrot

 July 2013

3 July, Organ Jazz Recital, Mölle, Sweden

11 July, Organ Recital, Vellinge, Sweden

17 July, Organ Recital, Gränna, Sweden

May 2013

7 May Masterclass Improvisation, Malmö, Sweden

17- 19 May  Tour in Finland

April 2013

26 April Organ Recital Malmo, S:t Peter's, Sweden

15-19 April Recital with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bervaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden

6 April Recital Swedish Church, Paris, France